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Please note the size of our logs when compared to the most popular log used today. Our logs are 8"x12" compared to the 6'x8" log offered by others. The pictures below are scale drawing comparisons.

Our post and beam interior construction which consists of 8"x12" drop beams and 8"x12" support posts. The ceiling joists which double as floor joists for the second floor are 4"x12"... massive indeed when compared to other log home packages. You will never experience any swag or twist in our construction. A special cut log is mitered in the factory to receive every ceiling joist. COUNTRY ROAD LOG HOMES features a "four way lock corner." It is a part of the patented inter-locking corner. The logs which make up the wall cannot move in either direction. Not only does this eliminate any shifting, it makes the log kit easier to build and insures a plumb wall.

But the most radical and greatest feature of the Country Road log wall is the continuous "through rod wall construction." At the factory, each log is pre-bored - (sixteen inches on center). When the logs are stacked according to the blueprint, the holes are inline. Our logs are not spiked or nailed together. The logs are simply stacked to the complete height of the wall-then a 5/8" threaded rod is inserted from top to bottom-sixteen inches on center along the complete length of the wall. When the rods are tightened, obviously the compression realized is tremendous. However, here is the main benefit. Because of the unique design and innovation, the wall can be tightened again a year from now, or 10 years from now, after all shrinking and settling is over. This eliminates the major problem with log homes today-the gapping between the logs allowing air and water infiltration.

You never have this problem with a properly constructed COUNTRY ROAD LOG HOME. There are too many other features to insert on this web site. Call for the free information for your further study.  This free package includes color pictures, floor plans, and much more information.

The COUNTRY ROAD LOG HOME is the simplest log home package to erect in the industry today. If you can stretch a string, read a level, insert a threaded rod and attach a nut and washer, YOU CAN BUILD A COUNTRY ROAD LOG HOME. Every log is pre-cut, pre-bored, pre-numbered at the factory. There are no spikes to drive or struggling to keep the wall plumb and straight. It is almost impossible to erect our log wall erroneously. Let us prove that to you! It is a perfect project for the "do it yourself person" and by so doing, a tremendous amount of money can be saved in building your dream home.

A completed COUNTRY ROAD LOG HOME is a thing of beauty. Log homes in general sell for more than a conventional home. This is due to the uniqueness ... not everybody has a log home. In fact, there are few on the market. Check your local real estate listings to prove this point. Those who live in a log home never want to leave it. They only leave, in most cases, to build a larger one! Conduct your own test. Ask around. Ask your friends and co-workers who are looking to buy or build if they would like to have a "state of the art" log home. You will be amazed at the percentage who would buy a log home today if it was ready to move in.

We have never had a problem financing our log homes for qualified buyers. In fact, we can even arrange financing for the "do it yourself builders."


Local Dealer: Mike McMillan
102 Cedar St, Galax, VA  24333